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With you will be able to get pre-approved immediately and could have your funds allocated to you within a day. Make the right decision and select the loan type that will suite your financial needs. Go ahead and get a INSTANT LOAN today.
Ways to apply Ways to apply
It is really easy to apply for a personal loan with instant-loans. All you need to do is go to our PERSONAL LOAN tab, fill in a few of your basic personal details, agree to an I.T.C check and click on the submit button then an agent will contract you to discuss your personal loan further.
Documents Needed Documents Needed
Once you are pre approved, you may be asked by our friendly consultant to send through some documents, such as a copy of certified I.D, 1-3 months’ payslips, 3 months bank statements with 3 salaries reflecting. This allows us to do validations on your details.
 Requirements Requirements
In order to apply for a personal loan, there are certain requirements that must be met. You have to be over the age of 18, you need to be employed, you need to earn a salary, have a bank account, your credit record needs to be in good standing, e t c.
Apply for loans now

Apply for loans now

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We all know that December or the middle of the month can sometimes be a difficult month as you have so many things that you need to do and pay at the same time. Well instant-loans is here to assist you so that you have cash onhand when you need it. The best part is that we have a wide range of loans for your convenience that can be used for any personal use, rest assured that our provider is sure to get you an affordable loan when you need some money fast…

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Our service is free!
The good news is our service is completely free to you as the consumer. We receive a small lead fee from our product provider that in no way affects your monthly installments.
Quick turnaround times! operates as a 24 hour a day website that you can go on and fill in an application anytime you need to, so you can be sure to receive a call and great service shortly after applying.
Complete satisfaction!
We take your application seriously as a sign that you need an instant loan. We have a great service provider that offers great rates and we will make sure that we fulfill your needs to your satisfaction.

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  • I was really impressed with the service levels that i received from instant-loans. They assisted me with a personal loan that was paid to my bank account within a day as promised. Thanks team.
  • Thank you very much for assisting me with a loan and a great interest rate that i struggled to find after applying for so many loans at various loan provider. I will definitely come back to your website next time i need a loan.
  • I would just like to pay a compliment and say thank you to the friendly consultant that contact me after i applied for my loan. She was super friendly, professional and answered all of my questions. Thank you once again.
  • Richard Malan, Johannesburg
  • Glen Wood, Pretoria
  • Natasha Visagie , Durban

Our Loan Process

Apply NowFill In DetailsPre ApprovalCollect DetailsAffordability CheckGenerate ContractDisburse
Simply go to the personal loan page or click on any of our apply now buttons and you will be redirected to the quick loan application form…
You will be required to fill in your basic details such as your name, surname, I.D number, loan amount and then click on the submit button…
Once you have clicked on the submit button, an agent fom our trusted loan providers call centre will contact you and inform you if you have been successfully pre approved…
Once you have been pre approved, the agent will require that you then send him/her a copy of certified I.D, 1-3 months’ payslips, 3 months bank statements with 3 salaries reflecting…
If all of your documentation is in order then the agent will begin an affordability study on you to check how big of a loan you qualify for that will not overindebt you with installments…

Once the affordability check has been done, the agent will generate a contract and discuss security questions and confirm employment before having you sign the contract…

Now that all validations have been successfully completed, the loan will be disbursed (transferred) to your bank account and your loan will be instantly availible for use…